Field Operation Rules

General Operating Rules

332 Henry Road  Williamstown, VT

1) This facility, parking lot and flying site are not open for general public use. It is intended for use by VMC members and their guests. The public is welcome to observe activities while VMC members are present.

2) At no time shall anything be placed on or adjacent to the runway which may interfere the safe operation of full scale aircraft.

3)  The VMC is an AMA Chartered Club, VMC Flyers are required to have valid AMA Membership.

4)  Other AMA members may fly at the VMC field while a VMC member is present or with permission of an officer. (limit 3 days)

5)  The pit area is for staging and pre-flight preparations by pilots and assistants only. Non-flying guest and the public are not allowed in the pit area. The pit safety fence is a visual bearer to deter non flying guest and the public from entering the pits and increasing the potential for accident or injury. All members are responsible for enforcing this safety precaution.

6)  Internal Combustion engines may operate between 8 AM to 30 minutes after sunset.

7)  Flying after dark and other activates are permitted provided peace and quiet is maintained and the use will not cause harm or damage to the facility or surrounding properties.

8) Do not drive on the runway or surrounding hay field.

9)  VMC members are responsible for the conduct of their guests. Members and guests shall conduct themselves in a civil and sportsman like manner at all times. Members and guest are responsible for removal of their own trash.

10) Members will suspend flying or running engines during a burial service at the West Hill Cemetery.