VMC Safety Rules

Safety Rules

332 Henry Road  Williamstown, Vermont

  1. The Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) Safety Code will be enforced at all times.
  2. When full scale aircraft approaches the airstrip, (either preparing to take off or makes a pass to land )  you will immediately land your aircraft and move it to the pit area.
  3. Non 2.4 GHz aircraft shall use the VMC Frequency Control System.
  4. Only pilots and designated assistants are allowed near the aircraft during startup.   Spectators shall stay behind the aircraft and pilots.
  5. A spotter is highly recommended even if only one aircraft is up.  Spotters will watch for vehicles, pedestrians, and other air traffic.
  6. Airplanes with combustion engines and electric motors shall be started in the pit or taxi area with the propeller parallel to runway.
  7. During startup of engines, aircraft shall be held in place either on a safety table, with a tail anchor, or held by another person.
  8. Helicopters and multi-rotor aircraft may be started in the pits but shall not be “run up” while in the pits. 
  9. All Pilots, except Park Flyers (PF)*, must use the designated pilot stations when multiple aircraft are active. * PF Pilots are only exempt from using the station if no other aircraft type is active and they follow AMA Park Flyer Rules.
  10. Aerobatics and high speed passes shall not be performed closer than half the runway width towards the pilot stations or 25 feet from a person.
  11. Maneuvers should be done far enough away from the pilot so that they do not need to look up higher than 45 degrees.
  12. In the event of an injury, or if damage is done to another person’s property, the Vermont Modelers' Club Safety Coordinator shall be notified within 24 hrs if possible. (Paul Gauthier 485-5486)
  13. Special rules may be set for specific events or activities, check the bulletin board for postings.